TIBA Austria GmbH: only certified technical filter material!

The award “ÖNORM tested” is an important quality feature for technical filter materials for the purification and treatment of stormwater runoff, which is awarded exclusively by Austrian Standards, Vienna. Corresponding requirements and test methods for these filter materials are precisely defined in ÖNORM B 2506-3.

The ÖNORM certification for a material is not automatically renewed, but is awarded again and again after strict, regularly recurring quality monitoring of the material.

Within the framework of current market observations by ENREGIS GmbH, a long-standing partner of TIBA Austria GmbH, it was found that some suppliers of “technical filter materials” refer or have referred to ÖNORM certifications, although these did not exist at all, or in some cases had not existed for a long period of time, or had already been withdrawn by Austrian Standards, Vienna.

TIBA Austria GmbH reliably stands for the highest quality! Our customers can rely on it without restriction and are guaranteed that we have used or are using and selling exclusively technical filter material of the type ENREGIS/Biocalith® MR-F2 in our systems, which has an ÖNORM approval (B 2506-3:2018-07-15, area of origin A, max. As: Ared 1:250).

Önorm Siegel

The current status of ÖNORM certified technical filter materials can be found online in the Austrian Standards certificate database or at www.ddp-institute.com (a service of the ENREGIS Group).

If you have any questions regarding certifications, information on the areas of origin that can be connected to the systems and other matters, simply contact the field staff responsible for you.
field staff responsible for you.

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