We help develop the railroad
infrastractur of the future

Know-how and experience in railroad
extensions in Europe and Asia:
We develop highest material and production quality
for sleepers, track absorbers, edge beams
and platform edgesas well as catenary-masts
and innovative noise protection systems.

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Railway Superstructure

We offer decades of experience with a sleeper program ranging from high-speed railway track to branch lines, meeting virtually every possible requirement.

Trackside Equipment

Modular and cost-effective solutions for drainage, line construction and lateral support along the track.

Noise Protection

PHONOBLOC® noise protection elements are an ideal choice for noise protection measures in residential areas.

Mast Systems

Our reinforced concrete masts stand out through low maintenance, simple installation and high cost efficiency.


Tullnerfeld high speed track

In the free sections of the Tullnerfeld high-speed railway track, L2 type high-performance padded concrete sleepers are used, whereas the tunnel sections are outfitted with solid track supporting slabs (according to the ÖBB/Porr System). The Tullnerfeld Railway Station is part of the St. Pölten – Vienna high-speed line, designed for speeds of up to 250 kilometres per hour.

KCS BA Schwelle

L2 Railway Sleeper

All sleepers are available padded or un-padded and can optionally be pre-equipped at the factory.
KCS BA Fahrleitungsmaste

Catenary Supports

Jolted concrete poles in ÖBB specifications.
KCS BA Gleistragplatte

Slab track system „ÖBB/Porr“

Elastically supported slab track systems are used in areas of minimum settlement subsoil construction.
KCS BA Bahnsteigkante

Platform Edges

Cantilever retaining walls are used in Railway Stations in order to separate train tracks and platforms by various heights.
KCS TU Tübbing

Precast Tunnel Segments

Precast concrete tunnel segments with varying steel reinforcement levels according to geological requirements.

Almtalbahn track renovation

Almtalbahn is a 43-kilometre standard-gauge railway track from Wels to Sattledt and Grünau. The line is a secondary track for short-distance traffic with a maximal speed of 80 kilometres per hours. With the renovated superstructure, the conventional wood sleepers – which are problematic due to the toxic impregnations – are replaced with newly developed wood replacement concrete sleepers (Type L6).

KCS BA Schwelle

Concrete Sleeper L6

All sleepers are available padded or un-padded and can optionally be pre-equipped at the factory.

Noise Protection Wall with cable duct

For the ÖBB project Noise Protection Wall Hütteldorf, a special prefabricated element has been designed for installation from the track. It features not only high noise cancelling surfaces on both sides, but also an integrated cable duct.

KCS BA HB Waveline

Wood Concrete Absorption Element

KCS BA LSW Kabeltrog

Quie@rail® Noise Protection Wall with cable duct

Double-sided high noise cancelling surface with wood concrete absorption elements
KCS BA Sockelplatte

Noise Protection Wall Pedestal

Base plates are installed between noise protection wall posts and transfer vertical and horizontal foundational loads.
KCS BA Kabeltrog mit Deckel

ÖBB cable ducts

Concrete cable duct with recessed cover

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