Kirchdorf Cement Plant has been a specialist for Cement and Binding Agents for more than 130 years – with a substantial emphasis on environmentally sound and sustainable production processes, as well as the development of eco-friendly products. The various companies of the cement division also help to protect environmental resources with the production of substitute fuels and the creation of a range of special products in the recycling business, thereby setting new standards in the industry.

Raw Materials

With their professional know-how, expertise and commitment, some 380 employees in Central and Southeast Europe ensure the supply of local markets with high-quality construction materials: Mineral aggregates for the production of asphalt and ready-mix concrete, for civil engineering and road construction, as well as the supply of railway ballast provide the foundation for quality construction and reliable infrastructure.

Concrete Solutions

Prefabricated concrete parts with a systematic approach: Specialised solutions and components for building construction, civil engineering, road, railway and tunnel construction convince both from an engineering as well an economical point of view. Innovative product developments regularly set new industry standards with an impact far beyond Austria’s borders.


In 2019, Kirchdorfer Group expanded its portfolio with the „Road & Traffic” division. The new division mainly covers the areas of passive road safety and noise protection. It is an innovation driver and developer of vehicle restraint systems made of steel and concrete as well as rentable, portable construction site safeguards. With a new steel product line, it is expanding into a complementary business field and continuing on its path of success as an international group.

Concrete Solutions

Kirchdorfer Concrete Solutions offer a comprehensive range of prefabricated concrete components across Austria . The various companies across five core divisions (Building Construction, Civil Engineering, Road, Railway and Tunnel) are among the leading pioneers in their respective fields.

The core „Building Construction” division provides efficient, top-quality construction systems that are highly cost-effective, such as various floor components, staircases and spun-concrete poles. In our Civil Engineering division, intelligent innovations such as the patented fish pass system, stand out through highest functionality and cost-effectiveness, which also characterize the entire product range of sewer and drainage solutions, environmental protection and retaining structures. Our „Road” division is a full-service provider not only in passive road safety solutions, but also in all kinds of road construction components such as noise protection, mast and drainage systems. A leading provider of high precision tunnel lining and drainage components, we have become a reliable and trusted partner in large-scale tunnel projects . Our core „Railway” division is supplying innovative noise protection systems as well as slab track components, railway sleepers, edge beams, platform edges and catenary masts of highest material and production quality .

Divisional Manager

Mag. Michael Wardian

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Mag. Michael Wardian
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That’s us

Kirchdorfer Concrete Solutions provides a comprehensive range of precast concrete parts troughout Austria. The various companies across five core divisions (Building Construction, Civil Engineering, Road, Railway and Tunnel) are among the leading pioneers in their respective fields.

MABA Fertigteilindustrie GmbH
MABA Prefa spol. s.r.o.
RAUTER Fertigteilbau GmbH
Katzenberger Fertigteilindustrie GmbH
KAMMEL Ges.m.b.H.
MABA Fertighaus GmbH
MMK Holz-Beton-Fertigteile GmbH
International GmbH
MABA Hungaria Kft
MABA Romania S.R.L.
TIBA Chvaletice S.R.O.
  • MABA Fertigteilindustrie GmbH
  • MABA Prefa spol. s.r.o.
  • RAUTER Fertigteilbau GmbH
  • Katzenberger Fertigteilindustrie GmbH
  • KAMMEL Ges.m.b.H.
  • MABA Fertighaus GmbH
  • MMK Holz-Beton-Fertigteile GmbH
    International GmbH
  • TSF-A GmbH
  • MABA Hungaria Kft
  • MABA Romania S.R.L.
  • BETRA Prefabrike SAN.VE TIC.A.S
  • TIBA Chvaletice S.R.O.

TIBA AUSTRIA offers a broad spectrum of concrete products for Austria, Germany, Slovenia and Croatia.

Founded in 2005, the company is 74%-owned by Kirchdorfer Group. Since 2014, the remaining components have been held by Rudolf Kandussi GmbH, a strategic partner for expansion in southern Austria and neighbouring export markets. Production takes place at sites in St. Margarethen/Raab, Sollenau, Tillmitsch, St. Veit/Glan and Wiesing. The product range covers sewage treatment and separating plant, manholes, containers, rings and covers, road drains and concrete foundations for transportation technology. For construction projects, TIBA AUSTRIA offers solutions tailored in both technical and commercial terms.

Head Office
Stangersdorf Gewerbegebiet 110/12
A-8403 Lebring
Fax +43 5 7715 450 401

MABA Prefa, with production in South Bohemia, manufactures high-quality precast components made of prestressed and steel-reinforced concrete for the Czech market.

State-of-the-art production facilities on the site covering around 140 000 m2 offer high capacity. Large customers rely on series products such as containers, weighbridges, cantilever retaining walls, platform edges, noise protection walls and the DELTABLOC® concrete barrier system, which is also produced in the South Bohemian works. Continued, energetic improvement in the areas of sales and production are important components of the company’s successful strategy.

Head Office
CZ-39181 Veselí nad Lužnicí
Ctvrt J. Hybeše 549
Fax +420 381 207 075

Located in the Mur valley in Styria, Rauter Fertigteilbau GmbH produces and fits structural precast concrete components.

The company has been 100%-owned by the Kirchdorfer Group since 2015 and produces, delivers and fits precast concrete components of the highest precision to sites throughout Austria. Alongside building, trade and industrial construction, special prefabricated components form the most important areas. In this market niche, highly specialised know-how and out- standingly qualified personnel present opportunities that are regularly seized. So it is that the successful and sustained growth of this specialised company is secured for the long term.

Niederwölz 71
A-8831 Niederwölz
Fax +43 3582 8534 19

Headquartered in Tyrol at Wiesing, Katzenberger Fertigteilindustrie GmbH has been producing high- quality precast concrete components for decades.

The company is the westernmost Kirchdorfer Group location in Austria and has built up core capabilities covering products in the areas of underground, road and tunnel construction. As well as series and mechanised production, the company also covers products in the area of special constructions in the western federal provinces. Since 2015 Katzenberger Fertigteilindustrie has also been a supplier to the Brenner basis tunnel, the longest underground railway connection in the world for goods and passenger transportation.

This company produces precast concrete components of the highest precision for building and base- ment construction.

In Autumn of 2017, Kirchdorfer Group took a majority interest in Kammel Ges.m.b.H. For over 50 years, this specialist in prefabricated basements has been synonymous with quality and dependability. According to the principle “simply building lighter”, Kammel focuses on giving customers optimum support in realising their diverse construction projects. Over time, the company has enlarged the range of products and services it offers. Starting from simple customer wishes when the firm started operating, demanding expectations also arose for complete solutions for con- struction achieved using prefabricated components. The portfolio is completed by ready-mixed concrete and in-house building material retail businesses.

Gewerbestraße 162
A-8232 Grafendorf bei Hartberg
Fax +43 3338 2396 39

MABA Fertighaus plans and builds substantial prefabricated house projects for residential projects in Austria.

More than 6000 satisfied residents have already realised the solidly-built home of their dreams through MABA Fertighaus. As prime developer, the company implements complete residential projects, in which both house and plot are offered as a package. This involves the building material Ziegelit®, an in-house development with quality guaranteed by a 50-year warranty. The combination of being so- lidly built, alongside the speed and dependability of industrial series production, offers MABA Fertig- haus customers maximum confidence.

Head Office
Kirchdorfer Platz 1
A-2752 Wöllersdorf
Fax +43 5 7715 510 135

MMK is active in the research and development of innovative product applications in the area of timber- concrete composite construction.

The company was founded in 2013 as a joint venture by Kirchdorfer Concrete Solutionsand Mayr-Melnhof Holz Holding AG, one of the leading timber industry firms in Europe. The objective is to develop and distribute industrially prefabricated wood-concrete composite components. This “strong bond” is marketed and positioned internationally under the brand XC® (X-lam C-concrete).

Head Office
Kirchdorfer Platz 1
A-2752 Wöllersdorf

DELTA BLOC International is a leading developer and manufacturer of vehicle restraint systems made of concrete.

The company possesses comprehensive know-how and global patent and trademark rights in the area of “concrete barriers”. As a complete solution provider of these specialist products, sales are handled either directly via proprietary subsidiaries in several Euro- pean countries or by more than 30 licensee partners worldwide. In addition, the corporate group operates Europe’s largest stock of temporary construction site barriers for rent for major road works. DELTABLOC® has established itself worldwide as a product brand and stands for the most secure, highest capacity and most efficient concrete barriers on the market.

Head Office
Kirchdorfer Platz 2
A-2752 Wöllersdorf
Fax +43 5 7715 470 474

Im Frühjahr 2020 übernahm die Kirchdorfer Gruppe gemeinsam mit der kärntnerischen Rudolf Kandussi Holding GmbH das steirische Betonwerk LUIKI.

Die als Familienunternehmen gegründete Firma hat sich in den letzten Jahren zu einem etablierten Experten im Bereich Bereich Betonfertigteile für den Tiefbau und für Außenanlagen entwickelt. Als innovatives Betonfertigteilwerk beschäftigt sich Luiki mit der Produktion von Fertigteilen für Entwässerungs- und Kanaltechnik, Pflaster- und Mauersteinen bzw. verschiedenen Gartengestaltungselementen sowie konstruktiven Bauteile für Hoch- und Spezialtiefbau.

Etschmayerstraße 5
8700 Leoben
Fax +43 3842 815 90 144

TSF-A produces in Austria concrete railway turnout sleepers for the central and eastern European market.

The manufacturing range covers prestressed concrete sleepers for surface and underground railways. Production capacity is around 100,000 metres per annum. TSF-A (Turnout Sleeper Factory-Austria) is a joint venture with Voestalpine Weichensysteme GmbH. The two partners harness the synergies of their respective technical capabilities to drive further development of the overall product field of turnouts.

Head Office
Kirchdorfer Platz 1
A-2752 Wöllersdorf
Fax +43 5 7715 400 130
Industriestraße 28
A-2601 Sollenau

MABA Hungaria produces prestressed concrete sleepers for the Hungarian market.

The up-to-date works are located in Várpalota and have an annual capacity of 160,000 rail sleepers. The site has enough space for future growth. The goal is leadership of the domestic market.

Head Office
Fehérvári út 28/18, Ipari Park
H-8100 Várpalota

MABA Romania produces precast concrete components drawn from the Kirchdorfer Group product range for the Romanian market.

The works in Rupea are in a central, strategically ad- vantageous location and are set up for a production capacity that includes up to 50,000 metres of concrete barriers. MABA Romania aspires to a leading role in the Romanian precast concrete component market.

Head Office
Strada Garii 3
RO-505500 Rupea
Fax +40 268 286 249

BETRA Prefabrike manufactures prestressed, steel- reinforced concrete sleepers primarily for the Turkish market.

The company has an annual production capacity of around 600 000 track sleepers and 200 000 metres of turnout sleepers. BETRA Prefabrike is run as a joint venture with two Turkish companies from the railway construction sector. The com- pany’s declared aim is continued development of its market leadership.

Head Office
UZKA is Merkezi Ertürk Sokak No: 9 Kat: B1,7 Kavacik
TR-34810 Beykoz-Istanbul

At the TIBA Chvaletice works, a comprehensive range of drainage products is manu- factured, consisting of concrete pipes and manholes.

The company is active in the area of retention and storage tanks, collaborating closely with Czech uni- versities on their design. TIBA Chvaletice is successful in the development of monolithic pumping stations, manholes and sedimentation tanks for public and private markets. The company actively pursues market opportunities, both in the Czech Republic and abroad in collaboration with TIBA Austria. TIBA Chvaletice is ISO-certified and a recognised supplier to the Czech railway and motorway systems.

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