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The various companies that form Kirchdorfer Concrete Solutions stand out not only for their innovative products, but also for the constant development of the potential of prefabricated concrete through a highly sophisticated manufacturing process

. As a full-range supplier for your building project, Kirchdorfer Concrete Solutions combines the know-how of leading experts.


Enature Fishpass

In cooperation with research partners at Vienna’s University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, a new type of precast fish bypass system has been developed that perfectly fits the needs of aquatic organisms while at the same time reducing the amount of water dosage required to a minimum. The system was developed in accordance with the European Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EG aimed at the restoration of the ecological status of rivers, as well as with the Renewable Energies Directive 2009/28/EG regarding further development of renewable energy sources.

Rotop® Spun Concrete Column

Rotop® Spun Concrete Columns are precast concrete parts that can be manufactured with levels of reinforcement of up to 20 %. The attainable load-bearing capacities, a slim design as well as a wide range of connections and mounting parts allow for unexpected application capabilities. That’s why architects and planners often use Rotop® Spun Concrete Columns in the most spectacular and exciting building projects throughout Austria.


XC® composite slabs combine the many qualities of wood and concrete into one single and quite unique building component. Prefabrication allows for a continuous and dry assembly at the installation site without the need for different craftsmen to cooperate. The slabs are immediately load bearing and therefore predestined for multi-storey hybrid building construction, either with wood, bricks or concrete. XC® composite slabs are prefabricated specifically to order according to the project requirements and may be used for residential construction as well as office buildings up to wingspans of approximately 8.5 metres.

Sile&Safe System

Conventional vehicle restraint and noise protection systems on lower-speed district roads usually consist of steel guard rails with a noise protection wall at some distance behind the barriers. This setup uses a lot of space and comes at the cost of two distinct systems. Sile&Safe®, on the other hand, manages to combine vehicle restraint and noise protection in one single system with a structural width of only 68 centimetres. The 4 metre-elements that are installed in a linked chain according to the tried and tested DELTABLOC® design are available in 25 centimetre steps from 1.25 up to 2 metres of height.

Wood Substitute Sleeper

The Wood Substitute main line sleepers L6 as well as the corresponding turnout sleepers WS 175 are built to the highest quality standards and are a full substitute for conventional timber sleepers. It allows for rail tracks to be entirely free of wood sleepers that are problematic due to their toxic impregnation. They also pose less of a tripping hazard during installation. Compared to usual concrete sleepers they last three times longer, which also gives them another substantial advantage over the conventional wood sleepers.

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