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With patented solutions, we set the world’s
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road constructionby delivering a wide range of
precast concrete parts for road equipment:
Road safety, noise protection,
mast systems and drainage solutions.

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Complete System Solutions

Road Safety

From impact behaviour technology to material and production quality we are the leading experts.

Noise Protection

With Phonobloc® Noise Barriers we provide all-round protection for residents and road users alike.

Mast Systems

Slim design, enormous load bearing capacity yet low transport and installation cost make our mast systems truly stand out.


From the smallest private road to the multi-lane highway: All roads lead to our precast concrete drainage systems.


Prater Bridge A23

Prater Bridge is an eight-lane highway bridge over the river Danube in Vienna. The median barrier system with H3 containment level was specifically modified for the special requirements of Austria’s highest traffic density stretch of road and it’s extremely constricted space conditions.


DB 100-R

modified H3 system for median bridge vehicle breakthrough protection.
KCS STR Gantrybase

Gantry base

The Gantry base system combines the anchoring of a Flex gantry sign bridge and a median vehicle restraint system at constricted space conditions.
KCS STR Lichtmastelement

Lamp Post Element

Depending on the design variant, the light mast element can be placed freestanding or anchored.

A5 Northern Highway

On the A5 motorway, new standards are being defined when it comes to road safety: Between Poysbrunn and Schrick, Austria’s leading passive road safety highway stretch features a combined in-situ and precast elements median vehicle restraining system.

KCS STR permanenten Deltabloc

Delta Bloc 100S

Symmetrical New Jersey profile, free-standing
KCS STR Safelink Ortbeton Fertigteil

Safe link

H3 transition between in-situ and precast barrier
KCS STR Safelink Leitschiene Ortbeton

Safe link

H3 transition between in-situ and steel guard rails
KCS STR Leitpflockfundament

Guide Post Base

The guidepost base is a standardized precast element that can be installed mechanically with ram and soil drills.
KCS STR Lichtmastfundament

Lamp Post Base

simple and cost-saving installation
KCS STB Straßenablauf Set

Road drainage shafts

Dry sludge drainage set

A9 Lebring

The architect designed noise protection wall along the A9 motorway at Lebring is perfectly and harmonically integrated into the local landscape. With the DELTABLOC® LSW-System – a combination of noise protection and vehicle restraint system – maximum vehicle occupant protection as well as maximal quality of life for residents goes perfectly hand in hand.

KCS STR Lärmschutzwand

Delta Bloc 80 LSW-R

Asymmetrical New Jersey profile, freestanding.
Roadside model,
80 cm system height, LSW-h variable
KCS BA HB Waveline

Wood concrete absorption element

KCS STR Deltabloc Lebring A9

DB 80 AS

asymmetrical New Jersey profile

Graz South Beltway

The 2 kilometre southern beltway is one of the most important infrastructure projects in Graz. It created a high capacity traffic link between the A2 (Südautobahn) and A9 (Phyrnautobahn) motorways.

KCS TB Schachtboden Schmutzwasser

BE/KU shaft floor parts DN 1000

with integrated plastic bottom.
KCS TB Ring Konus

Conical Ring Program

In all diameters


Well segments in all diameters
KCS TB Hydro Clean

Precast Pump Station

HYDRO CLEAN HCPS for the pressurised drainage of municipal raw sewage
KCS TB Mineralölabschneider

Mineral Oil Separator

PETRO CLEAN PCM for the mechanical purification of process water and rainwater from oil contamination

Rectangular Shaft „Graz"

MAG Chamber with cover
KCS STB Straßenablauf Set

Street gully shafts

Dry sludge drain set
KCS STR Lichtmastfundament

Lamp Pole Base

simple and cost-saving installation
KCS STR Leitpflockfundament

Guide Post Base

The guidepost base is a standardized precast element that can be installed mechanically with ram and soil drills.
KCS STR Schlitzrinne

Slotted Channel Systems

The Slotted Channel Systems are available in various diameters and excel through their high resilience
KCS STR Abdeckplatte

Cover Plates

the upper end of the wiring duct,
designed for a maximum clear span of 80 centimetres
KCS STR Schlitzrinne mit Tauchwandschacht

Diving Shaft

2-part, optimized hydraulic behaviour

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