Civil Engineering

From manholes, foundations, masts and slope protections to wastewater and environmental technologies: Our high quality civil engineering solutions comprise a number of innovations.


We set the world’s highest standards in the area of road construction by delivering a wide range of precast concrete parts for road equipment: Road safety, noise protection, mast systems and drainage solutions.


Know-how and experience in railroad extensions in Europe and Asia: We develop highest material and production quality for sleepers, edge beams, platform edges and the like.

Building Construction

Tested and certified product quality, convincing cost-effectiveness: Wall and floor elements, staircases, spun concrete poles as well as beams for industrial structures make our precast elements the first choice for building projects of any size.


With precast tunnel linings, slab track solutions for railway tunnels as well as tunnel drainage systems we are one of the most experienced and trusted partners for large scale tunnelling projects.

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