Civil Engineering

With our innovations,
we leave no stone unturned

From manholes, foundations, masts and slope protections to wastewater and environmental technologies:
Our high quality civil engineering solutions comprise a number of innovations such as the patented fish pass system, that continually set new standards when it comes to functionality and overall cost-effectiveness.

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Civil Engineering at it's best

Environmental Protection

From sewage treatment plants to pumping systems and separation technology, we bring substantial know-how and our high quality manufacturing capacities to the field of environmental technology.

Sewer and Drainage Systems

We provide a range of tried and tested component parts as well as accompanying consulting and planning services to municipal as well as private end users.

Protective and Retaining Structures

Our goal is optimal cost-effectiveness and high material quality for your protective projects.

Line Construction and Masts

Our infrastructure solutions reach from subterranean line construction to supportive solutions for light, power, radio equipment and advertising.


Pottendorfer Line

For the double-track extension of ÖBB’s Pottendorf LINE in the area of Münchendorf-Achau, rectangular passages for a water retention structure have been delivered. In the course of the works, 70 rectangular passages were installed in order to facilitate an orderly runoff under a newly constructed road embankment. Furthermore, various other track equipment products have been delivered.

KCS TB Rechteckdurchlass

Rectangular Passages

with reinforcement specifications C30/37/CX1/XF1 for vertical or horizontal placement, navigable according to load model 1 / ÖNORM EN 1991-2.
KCS BA Randbalken mit Deckel

Edge Beam

Edge beams are installed with a load-bearing connection and form a lateral containment for railroad ballast.
KCS HIB gerade Treppe

Straight Staircase

The straight staircases are designed and industrially prefabricated according to customer specifications.
KCS BA Sockelplatte

LSW Pedestal

Base Plates for LSW Noise Protection Walls are installed between posts and transfer vertical and horizontal foundational loads

Enature Fish pass at Rottau-Mühldorf/Möll power station

As an ecological compensatory measure for the Reißeck pumped-storage power plant, an enature® FISHPASS system has been installed at the Rottau dam on the Möll river in Mühldorf. The fish thus benefit from eleven spawning and recreation areas along a 435-metre stretch of fish migration facility.

KCS TB Fishpass mittel

Fish pass system medium-size

Two system sizes (small and medium) are available with three distinct slot sizes each.

Sewage treatment plant at „Schladminger Tauern“ Mountains

Spectacular construction site at 2,000 metres above sea level: A new sewage treatment plant for „Ignaz-Mattis-Hütte” at the Schladminger Tauern mountain range. A slim and optimized construction design reduces transportation costs substantially, especially if flown in on a helicopter.

KCS TB Mehrkammernanlage

Multi-chamber treatment plant

BIO CLEAN BCMK for the mechanical purification of domestic sewage
KCS TB Senkgrube


AQUA CLEAN ACSG for the collection of wastewater and rainwater as well as usual communal wastewater.

Environmental Technology

The protection of the environment as well as well as the drinking water supply is very important in Austria – as best exemplified by the F. Leitner Petrol Station in Feldkirchen near Graz, where among other things a giant car and truck wash facility is operated at the Airport Graz-Thalerhof highway exit.

KCS TB Mineralölabschneider

Mineral Oil Separators

PETRO CLEAN PCM for the mechanical purification of process and rainwater contaminated with oil.
KCS TB Schachtboden Schmutzwasser

BE/KU shaft floor parts DN 1000

with integrated plastic bottom.
KCS TB Schachtboden Regenwasser

BE/KU shaft floor parts DN 1000

with integrated plastic bottom for rainwater.
KCS STB Straßenablauf Set

Street gully shafts

Dry sludge drain set

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