Special Elements

Custom-made solutions and innovative products in order to also cover special requirements.




Symmetrical New Jersey-profile, free standing DB SafeGate has been developed as an emergency crossing point for median barriers. With the integrated tools, two persons can create an opening in the DELTABLOC® chain of elements. The set consists of the 6 metre Delta-Bloc-Element and the necessary accessories ( 2x undercarriage, equipment box). The system is available in the H4b/W6/B performance categories and approved for use by the BMVIT. With a minimum deployment length of 90 metres, up to four SafeGate elements can be combined to an opening.


Symmetrical New Jersey-profile, anchored, with ram profile on one side
DB SafeLink products have been developed as transition elements, especially for a continuous H3 median protection. More than just a transition element, SafeLink performs in accordance with the behaviour of the various attached barrier systems. It creates a smooth transition between different system rigidities and thus considerably enhances road safety.

Light Pole Element

Symmetrical New Jersey-profile with bulge
Depending on the design of the pole, the Light Pole Element can be anchored of left free-standing. The elements are equipped with four M20 threaded rods for mounting the poles, a DN 100 cable conduit for the power supply and four anchoring sleeves for floor anchoring.


Symmetrical New Jersey-profile with bulge, fee-standing
The Gantrybase systems allows for the safe anchoring of Flexgantry sign bridges in the median and at the same time provides median protection in limited space conditions.

Crash Cushions

The connecting elements are part of ALPINA Crash Cushions (EN1317-3 certified) and can also be used as transition elements to DELTABLOC®-systems or as start or end element respectively.


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