Cable Duct Shafts

Compact cable ducts are available in five different sizes. They connect ÖBB cable ducts and are used for installation and distribution of the cables.

ÖBB Grabenmauer

These wall-elements, available in two sizes, are used by the Austria Federal Railways (ÖBB) for the drainage of surface and seepage waters along the railway tracks.

Cable Ducts

We product our cable ducts according to ÖBB specifications TK135/R543 and R554.

Edge Beams

Edge Beams are used on cantilever plates of railway bridges or engineering structures, and just as retaining walls feature a load-carrying connection and retain the railway ballast laterally.

Sleeve Pans

These precast concrete parts are used to branch off or connect cables along the railroad track that are housed in cable ducts or flex ducts.

Platform Edges

Cantilever retaining walls are used in Railway Stations in order to separate train tracks and platforms by various heights.


Gleisplattensysteme für den innerstädtischen Schienenverkehr. Kurze Installationszeiten, leichte Wartbarkeit und hohe Lebensdauer sind entscheidende Kriterien in der Errichtung der städtischen Verkehrsinfrastruktur. 


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