Civil Engineering

Sewer Systems

With a range of trusted high quality components and consulting expertise, we are the leading provider of sewer system components in Austria and it’s neighbouring regions.

Drainage Technology

Tough, durable and impermeable: Our complete range of drainage technology components is extremely broad, and completely fulfils the highest requirements.

Environmental Protection

The protection of the environment in general, and of our potable water in particular, is a main feature of every highly developed civilization. Our know-how helps to further environmental technology.

Retaining Structure

We support not only the highest material quality. As we demonstrate on a daily basis, our precast concrete systems also perform with the highest cost-effectiveness for every conceivable requirement.

Line Construction

Modern 21st century living arrangements are based on comfort with the necessary infrastructure and network technology. In order to trust it’s proper functioning, we care for well-ordered installations even deep down below the earth.

Mast System

What you see sticking out of the ground alongside the roads and alleys is often times grounded in our clever and long lasting foundations. Efficient installation and simple maintenance included.

General Applications

Perfect sealing solutions as well as a wide range of covers for our most elegant and trusted manholes are at the core of our civil engineering expertise.

Specific Solutions

Know-how and precision are highly valued in the area of special solutions.



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Civil Engineering
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